Masters Demands


Well slave now that your work is all but done your all mine, no distractions,no other commitments, no excuses. Your body, mind and soul belongs to me. Your limits will be pushed further than ever before as I mould you into my perfect little slave.  

Rules will be enforced and new rules will be created. All will be followed.  You may sometimes feel a little embarrassed or worried about the things I will tell you to do, but you must learn that I, as your master will always protect you from harm, and I am only pushing you in this way in order to improve you as a slave and help you to fulfill your promise and desire to please me.

You will dress as I ask and to please, at all times, as well as being given regular tasks to perform and you will be rewarded for your successful completion with love, affection, spankings, your collar and cuffs, gifts and most of all the feeling of pleasing your master and being completely owned.

The only question that remains is. Are you ready for this?